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Phone Issues: Currie State Bank's phone provider in the Currie Office, VAST Broadband, is working on issues it is having with certain calls hitting Verizon towers that are not being connected successfully. CSB is aware of this issue and is in close contact with VAST. As an alternative form of communication during this time, you can email csbcustomerservice@curriestatebank.com if you're unable to get through with a phone call. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

Transaction Control

The words, Control: Debit card use from your phone, above an image of an iPhone 8 with the card control screen open on the mobile app.

Help fight fraud on your account by setting up transaction controls.

  • Freeze your card to block all transactions
  • Set transaction limits
  • Freeze international transactions
  • Allow In Person Only transactions
  • Add a Travel Memo if you plan to travel outside of your normal usage range

This can be done through our Mobile Banking App or through Online Banking. Contact us if you have questions on getting this set up!