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Individual Retirement Accounts

IRA investments will be on the same terms/rates as a normal Certificate of Deposit.

Currie State Bank offers the following IRA CD maturities:

  • 6-Month CD
  • 1-Year CD
  • 18-Month CD
  • 2-Year CD
  • 30-Month CD
  • 3-Year CD
  • 3-Year Rate Changer CD
  • 4-Year CD
  • 5-Year CD

Currie State Bank also offers an IRA Savings Account option which is an interest bearing account.

Types of IRAs that Currie State Bank offers:

  • Roth
  • Traditional
  • CESA (Coverdell Education Savings Account)
  • SEP (Simplified Employee Pension)

*Contact Currie State Bank for more information on the different types of IRAs that we offer.

Consult your tax advisor for eligibility and tax advice. Currie State Bank cannot provide you with this information.