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What are you SAVING by using our Mobile Banking app?

  • TIME! Who doesn't need a little more time in their busy day?
  • MONEY! Driving to the bank to drop off a deposit? Why when you can do it for free from your phone using the Mobile Deposit feature on our app!

Our Mobile Banking app gives you immediate access to your accounts at your fingertips allowing you to check balances without having to call the bank, make deposits without having to travel, transfer funds between accounts, and make loan payments. Getting set up is easy! Give us a call if you need assistance getting setup today!

Now Available: Mobile Banking App
Anywhere, Anytime Banking at Your Fingertips

Currie State Bank's new Mobile App allows you to bank on the go. You can access your accounts from anywhere at any time on your smart phone. You can check balances, make transfers and loan payments, and much more! This app is not only convenient, but it is also free!

Mobile Banking App

Transferring Funds: Easily schedule one-time or recurring transfers between your accounts.

Account History: View your activity history

Account Summary and Balances: Makes it easy to get an overview of your accounts

Check and Deposit Images: Review your transaction details

Card Control: block your card if lost or stolen, block transactions greater than a set amount, freeze international transactions, or allow in person only transactions

eAlerts and Messages: set up various eAlerts relating to your accounts

It's secure.
It's free.
It's banking where you need it!

Now Available for Android and iPhone!

Google Play Store

Apple App Store


Important Security Tips to Keep in Mind:

Mobile Banking is becoming a very popular trend in the banking world. With this growing popularity, it is extremely important to keep the following security tips in mind.

  1. Set your phone to require a password for access into your phone.
  2. Never provide personal identification or banking information through your mobile device unless you know that you are directly dealing with Currie State Bank.
  3. Never share information such as your password, answers to security questions, security image, or your account number. It is also just as important not to save this information anywhere in your phone.
  4. Never set the Mobile Banking app to automatically log you in and to remember your password/login information. If your phone is lost or stolen, this gives access to all your banking information.
  5. If you lose your phone, immediately contact your mobile operator as well as Currie State Bank.

View our Mobile Banking Agreements

Mobile Banking Service Agreement

Mobile Deposit Agreement

Mobile Deposit Instructions

  1. Must have the Currie State Bank Mobile Banking app on a supported iPhone or Android device.
  2. Click on "Deposits."
  3. Choose the account you want the check to go into.
  4. Enter the amount of the check to be deposited.
  5. Click on "Take Photo of Check" by "Front Image."
    • Make sure all four corners are in the frame.
    • You may retake the picture if needed.
  6. Click on "Take Photo of Check" by "Back Image."
    • Again, make sure all four corners are in the frame.
  7. On the last line, you may enter in a description of what the check was for (Example: Paycheck, From Grandma, etc.)
  8. Select submit once all of the information on the screen has been completed.
  9. You should get a notification that says your deposit has been received and you should also be able to view the Memo Credit of the deposit in your account.

**Steps will vary depending on whether your phone is an Android or an iPhone

Mobile Deposit Requirements

  1. You will need to retain all Mobile Deposit items for 5 days.
  2. Write "Mobile Deposit" on the front of all items to be deposited via Mobile Deposit.
  3. The back of your check must be endorsed as follows:
    • For Deposit Only to Currie State Bank
    • Customer's Full Account number and Date of Deposit
    • Customer's Signature
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