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Debit Cards


  • There is an approval process to be eligible for a debit card
  • Debit card daily spending limits are determined by Currie State Bank and are kept low for your protection
  • If you currently have a checking account with Currie State Bank and do not have a debit card but would like one, contact a Currie State Bank representative for further information

Debit cards are a convenient way to access your money that is attached to a checking account with Currie State Bank. With a debit card, you can quickly and easily make purchases, get cash at an ATM, pay bills, along with many other features.



If you’re planning on taking a trip out of the state or even out of the country, make sure to contact Currie State Bank to ensure any transactions you may make on your trip are not blocked. You can also add a Travel Memo to your debit card through our Mobile App or through Online Banking to notify the bank when you will be traveling. If we are unaware you are traveling, any transactions attempted on your debit card out of your normal usage area could cause a temporary card block to be placed on your card. Remember, this is for your security! Other tips to remember when traveling include:

  • Cleaning out extra debit or credit cards from your wallet. This will prevent them from being lost or stolen.
  • Checking your account balance frequently which can be done right at your fingertips with our free mobile banking app.